A fathers plea: End the war on drugs – CNN.com

By Javier Sicilia, Special to CNN updated 12:32 PM EDT, Mon September 10, 2012 Javier Sicilia leads a 50-cross procession at Loyola Marymount University, each cross representing 1,000 cartel murder victims.STORY HIGHLIGHTS Mexican poet Javier Sicilias son and six friends were killed by drug cartel hit menSicilia gave up writing and started a movement for … Continue reading “A fathers plea: End the war on drugs – CNN.com”

Is cannabis a holy herb?

Answers.com > Wiki Answers > Categories > Religion & Spirituality > Christianity > The Bible > New Testament > Is cannabis a holy herb? Sure. Such as when you smoke it, or take it in food or drink. And when vaporized. Cannabis induces peace in most sane people and many insane as well  How did the herb cannabis get its name? Around 100, Dioscorides, a surgeon in the Roman Legions under the … Continue reading “Is cannabis a holy herb?”