Safe access for medical marijuana patients in Oregon still under attack – Portland cannabis | Examiner.com

Safe access for medical marijuana patients in Oregon still under attack – Portland cannabis | Examiner.com.

Curtis Shimmin and his nephew, Austin Mullins, were pulled over in separate traffic stops on Thursday, August 30, 2012. Although neither vehicle was searched nor was marijuana present in either vehicle, according to Shimmin, both Shimmin and Mullins were arrested on multiple charges related to marijuana. The charges were apparently related to Shimmin’s thrivingmedical marijuana club, Club Kannabosm, which opened in May of 2011 at 401 West 11th Avenue in Eugene Oregon.

Later that evening, while both Shimmin and Mullins remained in custody, five search warrants were executed on properties including Shimmin’s residence and the medical marijuana club. Shimmin believes that Oregon State Police Officer David Glass was in charge of the investigation and searches were executed by Lane County Interagency Narcotics Team (INET). Officer Glass could not be reached for comment at this time.

Neither Shimmin nor Mullins has been formally arraigned, although that could still occur at a later time, and after approximately 27 hours behind bars (and after late-night execution of all the search warrants), they were both released.

In addition to impounding both vehicles in the traffic stops and all medical marijuana found in the searches, three patient gardens were “harvested” by police during the searches, according to Shimmin, and all electronics (including computers, video surveillance equipment and phones) were also seized. Personal bank accounts, as well as funds related to Club Kannabosm and funds related to a beverage company also owned by Shimmin, were seized as well. Shimmin states that officers even took an ATM machine that was leased for use in the medical marijuana club.

Shimmin says he does not grow marijuana at all; the patient gardens seized were lawful gardens grown by legal OMMP patients at the properties searched and that they were in compliance with Oregon’s medical marijuana law. He also stated that some items seized were not documented by police. Shimmin is searching for an attorney to aide him with his defense, and while he hopes to find a pro bono attorney, he will also be setting up a legal defense fund Tuesday when the banks reopen.

Although Shimmin did receive a letter from U.S. Attorney Dwight Holton just weeks after opening – the same letter sent to many medical marijuana resource centers throughout Oregon last summer – he says he has not had any further notice or action by any police agency since then. In fact, Shimmin states, Club Kannabosm met with the Chief of Police in Eugene only two months after the May 2011 opening of the medical marijuana club, and he says that police expressed no concerns with Club Kannabosm or its operations.

And, although Club Kannabosm has been openly operating in Eugene for more than a year-and-a-half, there has been no public outcry* from the local community. Shimmin claims that the medical marijuana club has actually been “praised” by the local community and that when they applied for a booth at the 30th Annual Eugene Celebration, they were accepted (although, due to a shortage of staff to man the booth on those dates, they were unable to attend).

Shimmin plans to reopen Club Kannabosm on Tuesday, September 4 – although without any available medical marijuana for patients – and he hopes that the community will assist with a letter writing campaign “demanding that the medicine be returned.” He hopes to open frequently over the next few weeks to ensure patients are informed about what has occurred and how Club Kannabosm intends to respond.

Shimmin says Club Kannabosm has served approximately 1,800 patients since opening in May of 2011. The Oregon Health Authority reports that there were 5,749 medical marijuana patients in Lane County as of July 1, 2012. Shimmin fears many medical marijuana patients that relied on Club Kannabosm will now have to resort to the black market to find their medical marijuana.

*A Google search for ‘Club Kannabosm’, the address where it operates (‘401 W. 11th Ave’) ‘Curtis Shimmin’ or even ‘Kannabosm’ supports his claim that the police and the public were not concerned with the presence of the medical marijuana club; no city council hearings, no newspaper articles, no arrests or other police calls related to disturbances, or any other public notices were found for any of the search terms.


Human Collective fourth target of medical marijuana raids in Oregon – Portland cannabis | Examiner.com

The Human Collective, located at 11509 SW Pacific Highway in Tigard, is the fourth provider targeted in a series of raids carried out against medical marijuana providers in Oregon. Around 9am this morning, Washington County Sheriffs served search warrants at the Human Collective, Grow America Garden Supply located next to the Human Collective, and a related residence that is apparently the home of Sarah Bennet, owner of the Human Collective.

Officers on the scene refused to answer any questions and directed inquiries to the Public Information Officer, Sgt. Bob Ray. Ray has not yet been reached for comment.

This raid follows closely on the tail of three other raids in Oregon; Kannabosm in Eugene was raided on August 30th, the 45th Parallel in Ontario was raided on September 11th, and High Hopes Farm was raided on September 19th.

The Human Collective has been openly operating for more than two years after opening their doors in April of 2010, similar to other targeted facilities which have also been openly operating for years. The model Human Collective adopted allows members to pay an annual or monthly fee to the collective that covers the overhead costs of operating the facility and gives members access to services which include therapeutic services and educational classes, in addition to the MedExpress Account and Reimbursement Program. The Human Collective has no employees, and instead utilizes volunteers to run the facility.

When growers provide their excess marijuana to the collective, valid medical marijuana patients in need of medicine can use their MedExpress Account to reimburse the documented expenses for supplies and utilities allowed under Oregon law. Bennett has said in the past that only expenses that are compliant with Oregon law and are clearly documented are allowed to be reimbursed.

From their website, which details exactly how reimbursement is calculated for growers:

Human Collective designed its programs to work with our laws, not against them. Our main program, MedExpress Account Option, provides immediate access to medical marijuana to those who have just become registered with OMMP and are in the waiting period, for those who are having challenges accessing medicine in between grows, for those who have had crop failure and specifically for those who wish to stay within the state authorized OMMP network of cardholders for avoiding illegal markets and risky situations. We operate all aspects in strict accordance to ORS 475.300-475.346 & OAR 333.008.

The Oregonian reports that two individuals have been detained, but no arrests have been made. Human Collective is being raided by the local county officials, unlike High Hopes Farm, which was raided by federal DEA agents. Don Morse, Co-Director of the Human Collective, has stated previously that they are “willing and knowingly violating federal law” but believed that they were in compliance with state laws.

The Human Collective has been working with legislators, much like High Hopes Farms has, and trying to get legislation introduced that would clearly allow for medical marijuana providers modeled after Human Collective. Working with the framework provided by the 2010 Measure 74, yet attempting to address concerns raised during that election, Human Collective has recently been reporting that progress has been made and that they expect new legislation to be introduced in the 2013 legislative session.

Leland Berger*, Attorney for the owner of Grow America Garden Supply, told the Oregonian that it was “disappointing that the Washington County Sheriff’s Office would choose to interrupt the supply of medicine to patients.”

But with harvest season swiftly approaching and with legal marijuana on the ballot in less than six weeks, the raids on medical marijuana are likely to continue.

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*Updated the name of Attorney Leland Berger to avoid confusion with another Attorney in the Portland, Oregon region whose name is Lee Berger, and not related to this story.


Human Collective fourth target of medical marijuana raids in Oregon – Portland cannabis | Examiner.com.


NORML Responds to Religious Cannabis Users: Ending Prohibition Protects ALL of Us | The NORML Stash Blog

NORML Responds to Religious Cannabis Users: Ending Prohibition Protects ALL of Us | The NORML Stash Blog.

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