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Dan’s Canadian?

The HuffPost Show Posted: 04/17/15 10:30 PM ET Updated: 04/17/15 10:59 PM ET Dan Aykroyd has a history with law enforcement, including years of service on an auxiliary police committee in Harahan, Louisiana, and while he’s “proficient with a firearm,” he told “The HuffPost Show” on Friday that  officers need “more training in the less […]

How many breathes do we have?

What matters? Love family tribe Planet Peace Whats unimportant? everyhing else! Why do folks get up on the morning with hate on their minds? Who the fuck do the weak men in dresses think they are, God or something? War is bad business, peace is good, what’s so complicated about this? Wage peace with us […]

Herb Centered Church Files In Indiana

Herb Centered Church Files In Indiana

A Child’s View

A Child’s View Link Posted on March 27, 2015 by Marguerite Oh, I know this may elicit some interest. For several reasons. Let me explain.

The tipping point , which side are you on? | The Human Solution

Stephanie Landa and Tom Kikuchi both did federal time for cultivation of a state sanctioned grow. Steven and Joshua Burke had small backyard 215 compliant grows and 3+ years later face state charges. Aaron Sandusky was convicted last week and faces a 10 years to life mandatory sentence and it goes on and on….

via The tipping point , which side are you on? | The Human Solution.

when the power of love
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