What Does “Legal” Mean?

Stay tuned, peace mongers, we are gonna find out really soon.

With the advent of legal herb for adults, what does this really mean, anyway? Will lawyers make a bunch of money off of “murky laws” they created in the first place? Will “medical marijuana” be passe in a matter of weeks? Will NORML keep pushing marijuana bullshit on all of us?

December 2016 Update:

Over 1/2 the states ALLOW cannabis use socially or as medicine, yet the nazis in control of our government continue to thwart the will of the people. They act like they “represent” herb lovers but they represent themselves, the greedy self serving lawyer-liar cabal (driven by “marijuana” busts and infractions) fronted by NORML and ASA.

Here in California, those cannabis users most at risk (of being made into a criminal) under our current “legalization” efforts (recreational and medicinal) , are the youth. Folks between 18 and 21 (lets be honest it’s more like 16 – 21) are the biggest losers under NORMLs regime.

Regime change anyone? How about we take our cues from actual herb warriors and diplomats, like Rev Eddy Lepp and the Most High Roger Christie?

Hell, lets ask Rogers beautiful wife Share Christie what we should do, how we should modify our laws to be humane.

You see, she’s doing hard federal prison time for the holy herb, today. Rev Lepp is doing five more years in a half way house and supervised drug tested parole, so he’s not free still. He has no First Amendment rights, under threat of return to Florence SuperMax 

So can we get our Gandhi on now folks, I’m getting a bit long in the tooth for this shit, and I’m mad as hell Share Christie, Luke Scarmazzo, and thousands upon thousands of peaceful people of the plant rot in the prison-medical-industrial-complex.

Cannabis is still not entirely legal, yet it’s an industry making rich folks richer, lawyer-liars getting fat while the average American labors under the illusion it’s all good. 

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