War According To Stanford?

gotta stop this aggression

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What is more dangerous to our health, the magic plant cannabis, in all its glory, or the mofos who lock up peaceful herb lovers?What is more dangerous, pictures of beautiful breasts, or the actions of nazi mofos who sell guns to anyone and everyone, in the name of their god mammon?

WE are dangerous all right. To the bullies of the world, watch your back, we are coming at you with AHIMSA, mitches.

peace is good, war is bad, whats so complicated about that, friends?
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


First published Fri Feb 4, 2000; substantive revision Thu Jul 28, 2005

War should be understood as an actual, intentional and widespread armed conflict between political communities. Thus, fisticuffs between individual persons do not count as a war, nor does a gang fight, nor does a feud on the order of the Hatfields versus the McCoys. War is a phenomenon which occurs only between political communities, defined as those entities which either are states or intend to become states (in order to allow for civil war). Classical war is international war, a war between different states, like the two World Wars. But just as frequent is war within a state between rival groups or communities, like the American Civil War. Certain political pressure groups, like terrorist organizations, might also be considered “political communities,” in that they are associations of people with a political purpose and, indeed, many of them aspire to statehood or to influence the development of statehood in certain lands.