Edict Of Del Mar


Edict Of Del Mar

Does it have to be “written down” for something to be real?

Does it have to be said out loud, to be true? Ok then, we will say it, in this age. We are effing free, and regard all life as sacred.

If you need to be told to be ‘tolerant’ of other religions, tolerance is not in you. Cultivate peace, and reap the rewards of loving kindness. Do we really have to manufacture reasons why we have to ‘tolerate’ others?

Edict Of Milan

As a society (not just in the west) these last 1700 years, we are no closer to realizing our humanity, if not our divinity, than when this was originally written. Well, maybe a tiny bit closer, flatworlders.Ecumenical Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew I holds a liturgy to mark 1,700 years since the Edict of Milan in Nis

So, help us, god.