In a much-hyped event  live-streamed Tuesday night, “Science Guy” Bill Nye set out to defend evolution in a debate with Ken Ham, the CEO of Kentucky’s Creation Museum. But there was a fundamental problem: Ham’s young-earth creationism is not a religious belief, and it certainly is not scientific. To put it bluntly, it is quackery.

Biblical literalism is absurd, but it is simple.

[important]The fundamentalist is not interested in deeper truths, but rather weaponizing the Bible[/important]

Reverend Cornel West put it bluntly, “fundamentalists want to be fundamental about everything except, ‘love thy neighbor.’ ”

via The Simple Truth About Biblical Literalism and the Fundamentalists Who Promote It | Alternet.


We have met the enemy, surprise surprise, its us!

Chomsky: No Wonder the World Is Terrified of America — We’re the Biggest Threat

Noam Chomsky / AlterNet

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