Christian Soldier Guns: We Are Not Making This Up!


Christian Soldier Guns. A STORE!

Really. These mofo’s are out front, at least they are not posing. Guns and Jesus, go together like onions and ice cream, wtf is wrong with you people? It ain’t just the diaper-heads who are whack, the violent Jihadi punk asses, its all three branches of the rotten tree, the flat world co-religionists, the Sons Of Abraham, the People Of the Book.

Eff that crap, we are People Of the Plant and we are peace loving folks, at our core!

Do they actually believe this nonsense, that ‘the Prince Of Peace’ wants you to kill for Christ? Some do, but most of them, if you speak with them earnestly about it, don’t know much about their own religion, much less their enemies religions, they are just go-along-to-get-along idiots who take the killing business for granted. Blindly.

Seriously, this is whats wrong with ‘merica today. The world, actually. There is no tolerance in them, only hate, ignorance instilled and reinforced at their temples, churches and mosques. Eff the haters and the hating. War sucks.

Teach your children peace, and leave that Armageddon crap alone, it stinks to high heaven.

related: from the good folks at

The nature of God in monotheistic religions is a broad topic in Western philosophy of religion and theology, with a very old and distinguished history; it was one of the central topics in medieval philosophy.

The Abrahamic faiths, JudaismChristianity, and Islam, all affirm monotheism, or belief in one God.[1] These religions each give different answers as to the details, and those details are very important to the adherents of these religions; but together they share a tradition of asking the same or similar questions, and proposing the same or similar answers, about what, precisely, God is or is supposed to be.


The net net, as they say, is that our god is not a hater, whatever you call Her. Theirs, the flatworlder’s god, is a mean mofo, a real bastard. Read that shit with open eyes, fools. Then sit down blaze the magic plant and contemplate peace, be at one with the universe, love your effing neighbor as yourself.

Why? ’cause its perfect, our sacrament.

We BELIEVE in Her Grace.

We KNOW it!

om peace aMen

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