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Naked protesters bare all in Mexico via @thisisfusion
MEXICO CITY, Mexico — Naked protest has to be smart. Otherwise, it’s just peep-show politics.

That’s the lesson that Mexican feminist Gisela Perez de Acha learned from her first year of topless protesting — a controversial form of civil disobedience in a traditional, machista society.

“I’m not just trying to hit people in the face with my boobs,” said the 25-year-old lawyer and founder of Mexico’s FEMEN protest movement. “I want people to see and hear our message.”

Topless In Texas

By Cory Smith
VJ, Reporter
SAN ANTONIO – A group of protesters marched topless through downtown San Antonio Sunday in a first-of-its-kind rally to promote women’s rights to go topless in public.

“We’d like to have the equal rights that men are afforded,” said organizer Michele Pernoud.