What business are we in? This is the question we must ask ourselves. 73 % of Americans believe in the Virgin birth, even though it’s silly.

If God is, what we think “he” is, all powerful and knowing, why does he have to do a magic trick, why is a parlor game essential to “his story”, isn’t “normal birth” magical enough?

This years spectacle in San Jose, ca, the stupid bowl to some, Super Bowl to “the media“, showcases our national stuff, putting our products on display for all to see.

Football is on the decline, in the US, in spite of the “industry”, called the NFL, whose product is broken brains and tormented lives. Autopsies be damned, yet this is a religion Uber Alles, to many born agains. The ones who love Guns & Jesus.

Perhaps you too love your firearms more than you love your children?


Were you raised in Chuck Smith’s cult too? Or a Mormon Setup?

Mormons, Catholics, the NFL, Baptists Jews & Muslims  all get preferential tax treatments, and exemptions from civil & criminal laws, under the 1st Amendment.

Yet peace loving herb lovers are tossed in jails, robbed and reprieved of dignity and freedom, daily. It’s our sacrament just as much as the wine and cracker trick… No government or corporation can tell us what to believe.

We don’t get our rights recognized, because we reject war & the consumer culture it thrives under. All because we love peace and the contentment we derive from the magic plant Cannabis, our Holy Plant.

We must stand up and be counted, the HerbFolksNation, or continue to be trampled on by bullies like Trump, Cruz, et al.

Our God is just as good as theirs (Mammon).

She is superior.