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dangerous ideas

Contribute your talents and energies to these fine men and women. Share in the work and the blessings. Get Your Gandhi On.

On the East Coast, contact Patrick Duff

On the Left Coast contact Rev. Paul Cody via 420Contact.com

In the islands, contact Rev. Roger Christie (the most high)



In jails and prisons, contact Joe Grumbine via thsintl.org


A 501(c)(3) Non Profit Civil Rights Organization

‘No One Should Go To Jail For A Plant’

951-934-0055 | INFO@THSINTL.ORG

Share in the work and the blessings. My Buddhas and Buddhettes, fill your hearts with ahimsa, this is active participation. Don’t be passive in the face of violence and hatred; that ain’t true Ahimsa.

God (I am that i am)

waging peace one bud at a time

Thers a rumor going around Mitt Romney is working a deal to introduce Donald Trump to the Utah Republican Party. We are working to confirm this story as we go to press. Stay tuned, grasshoppers, we are going to have some fun this political season

Angel Moroni Meets Trump