Dems FOR Herb!

imageClick his prison above to read Rev. Eddy Lepp’s Last Letters From Prison

Contrast the plight of 40k US cannabis POWs, a la Charles Edward Lepp, Lance Gloor, et al, with the freshly minted Democratic Party Platform:

Democrats Expand Marijuana Platform Plank and Slam Drug War 

How To Get Our Gandhi On: A Million Buddha’s Blazing!

By Tom Angell on JULY 25, 2016

Law & Politics
The Democratic National Convention kicks off this week in Philadelphia, and delegates are set to officially approve the nation’s first-ever major party platform to endorse marijuana legalization. The latest version of the draft platform also includes broader planks criticizing the overall war on drugs.

Here Are 7 Americans Sentenced to Die in Prison for Nonviolent Drug Crimes | TakePart

more on the mother ship:

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