Why Do Jews Muslims & “Christians” Love Killing? Who Made This Crap Up?


First Amendment vs First Commandment

Thou Shall Not effing kill.

The so called Abrahamic Faith’s are nothing more than a god hustle. The tired old scam from the days when “the world was flat”, is done. Over. Say it with me now, Fuck War, All War, and all the gods who call them.

What business are we in now? The killing business. The very foundation of America’s “faith“, is made of sand. Quicksand if the truth be told. It’s a lie.


The true one and only God, is the Life Force. Not a myth.

Myths. God is not pleased by pain, death, and dying. On the contrary, She is a lover. Flat out.

Put your faith in nothin, or something holy. It’s a choice grasshopper, you do not have to accept the defunct bullshit from Abe’s progeny.

How do we implement our beliefs then, with haters all around us?

Join together with like minded Peace Mongers. Wage Peace with all you are. Eff the nazi scum who call the shots, It’s time to Get Our Gandhi On.

We are in the Life Business. The Loving Stuff. Eff the rest. The second amendment can’t save you, only the First can. As it should be.

Put down your swords, and muskets. Raise your pipe and fill your lungs with Holy Smoke, it’s all up to you, grasshopper. It’s all you.

om out, god

Peace or War?