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Morning Report: The Clash over Marijuana Delivery – Voice of San Diego

Om Morning Report: The Clash over Marijuana Delivery

By Maya Srikrishnan | 14 hours ago
On Tuesday, San Diego City Council will hear a series of proposed regulations about medical and recreational marijuana.

I’ve been trying to unpack those regulations. My latest attempt delves into the debate over delivery services – that is, when cannabis products are brought straight to your front door.

Source: Morning Report: The Clash over Marijuana Delivery – Voice of San Diego

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Get Your Gandhi On

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How To Get Our Gandhi On: A Million Buddha’s Blazing!

Ahimsa (Sanskrit: अहिंसा; IAST: ahimsā, Pāli:[1] avihiṃsā) means ‘not to injure’ and ‘compassion’ and refers to a key virtue in Indian religions.[2][3][4] The word is derived from the Sanskrit root hiṃs – to strike; hiṃsā is injury or harm, a-hiṃsā is the opposite of this, i.e. cause no injury, do no harm.[5][6] Ahimsa is also referred to as nonviolence, and it applies to all living beings—including all animals—in ancient Indian religions.[7]

Perfect Master (Meher Baba)
Baba said that at all times on Earth there are fifty-six incarnate God-realized souls and that of these souls there are always five who constitute the “five Perfect Masters” of their era.[102] When one of the five Perfect Masters dies, Baba said that another God-realized soul among the fifty-six immediately replaces him or her by taking up that office.[103]

Euphoria is not a crime
Lovin’ one another is the
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