Sadhus & Sadhvis

A poem by Mahadevi Akka Yakka.

Riding the blue sapphire mountains
wearing moonstone for slippers
blowing long horns
O Shiva
when shall I
crush you on my pitcher breasts

O Lord White as Jasmine
when do I join you
stripped of body’s shame
and heart’s modesty?

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Uploaded on Sep 22, 2010
Ascetics with Cameras is a seva (volunteer service) organization providing multimedia services, tools and training to Shiva’s Army — the sadhus & sadhvis of Juna Akhara — since 2004. It is our mission to not only provide multimedia tools to document and preserve the living-histories of these followers of Sanatan Dharma, but more importantly to train the members (of the oldest and largest order of Dasnaami Hindu ascetics) to document it for themselves. Giving them the skills to share with the world the stories and aspects of their culture they find important, will empower these ascetics to participate in the process of media-making to which their Akhara has been subject for centuries and enlighten audiences to the sacred, ancient paths and esoteric traditions of truth seekers.

When you are on the outside looking in, it’s sometimes difficult to get the story, much less get the story right…

To support our mission we run various types of Community Outreach Programs & Projects geared towards both Cross-Cultural Exchange & Experiential Multimedia Education.

• Photo Giveaways • Multimedia Archives • Photography Training Program • “Her-story” Video Production Program • Juna Akhara Documentary Project • Seva Services Program

Nicole Jaquis


Holiness is still common in India. In most Hindu households, shops and businesses are altars and shrines, and the day is routinely started with the worship of gods and gurus. Many mountains, rivers, stones and trees are sacred. Dozens of cities are holy and, of course, the millions of temples and idols. Quite a few animals are holy — the cow, of course, but also the bull, the monkey, the elephant, the peacock, the snake, the rat….

So it may come as no surprise that people can be holy too, though they have to become holy. The Indian concept of holiness is quite different from that in the West. It is not necessarily (though often) associated with the “good.”

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