Marijuana Has Potential to Treat Alzheimer’s, Says Salk Institute Study

Salk Institute La Jolla

Source: Marijuana Has Potential to Treat Alzheimer’s, Says Salk Institute Study Researchers at the Salk Institute of Biological Studies published a study in the June journal of Aging and Mechanisms of Disease announcing the discovery […]

Demand Justice: Feds & City Collude To Deny States Rights


Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Cops Raid Legal Cannabis Companies Despite Upcoming Recreational Vote BY WILL YAKOWICZ The narcotics task force seized $1.4 million in cash, product, […]

Rev. Eddy Lepp’s Last Letters From Florence SuperMax


Grasshoppers, do you know where Eddy Is? ADX Florence is a 37-acre (15 ha), 490-bed complex at 5880 Highway 67, Florence, Colorado, about 100 miles (160 km) south of Denver and 40 miles (60 km) […]

Sockeye, a Portland ad company, takes on marijuana client


Sockeye on Friday launched a video for a Washington-based company that makes a cannabis-infused drink called Legal. Sockeye teamed up with Portland filmmaker James Westby, who previously worked with the ad agency on a video […]

President Jimmy Carter Releases INTENSE Message Calling Out Religious Hypocrites


JUST IN: By Gloria Christie – June, 2016 President Jimmy Carter recently blamed much of the world’s violence on religious hypocrisy. On June 21, he told the annual Human Rights Defenders Forum at The Carter […]

Why Do Jews Muslims & “Christians” Love Killing? Who Made This Crap Up?


First Amendment vs First Commandment Thou Shall Not effing kill. The so called Abrahamic Faith’s are nothing more than a god hustle. The tired old scam from the days when “the world was flat”, is […]

Make America Grape Again: GDP For All!

little krishna

SNL’ Perfectly Captures Trump Supporters’ Tireless Delusion Make American grapes again! 04/03/2016 02:34 pm ET Cole Delbyck Entertainment Writer, The Huffington Post Grape? Grand Daddy Purple! Kens GDP