Medicinal Cannabis

We believe you can’t separate the spiritual from the medicinal, qualities of the magic plant cannabis..
As such, we invoke our (U.S.) First Amendment right to smoke, vape, eat, wear, or do anything else we choose with, our most holy herb!

Herb Folks What about public safety? Yeah, what about it? We have the right to feel good; we declare our liberty as a matter of fact.  Cannabis is our sacrament, medicine, food, fuel and more. Given to us by our creator, (us, ourselves), its ours.

Sept 16, 2015 So, how does an adult in America today “get” cannabis?It depends upon where you live. For example, in Las Vegas, NV, there are a few herb folks and a lot of actual medical patients using the magic plant cannabis, as medicine. In the city formerly known as San Diego, CA, its mostly delivery services, operating in a grey legal zone.

Lots of folks are growing their own medicine & sacrament, with and without government and corporate approval. Its perfect, this is their 1oth Amendment right, in the “free medical states”.
For the rest, we have our First Amendment rights to use cannabis as we wish.
If you want to find herb, Nationwide, Try!
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by the HFN editor