Apartheid IS Alive And Well: Judeo-Christian Style

Apartheid: Ronald Reagan’s Legacy! Spiritual apartheid is what the U.S., indeed much of the “civilized” world, lives. Mormons and other wild eyed practicioners of brand X religions get a full pass, history be damned, while Rev. Lepp rots in Colorado, finishing his ten year federal sentence, for promoting our sacrament, the holy herb cannabis, as medicine for the sick and

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Lawyer Liars Run This Town: San Diego

lawyer liars SoCal Holistic, the name Jeff Lake uses these days for his money machine at 1150 Garnet, is open in plain site this minute, because the police “can’t close it down”. The dea and he are close, real close. Jan Goldsmith, city attorney, knows where Jeff / John et al manufacture money. And the city attorney is close to

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Clinical Trials High On List… | Chemistry World @ rsc.org

  By Rebecca Trager “…In the past decade, the endocannabinoid system has been implicated in a growing number of physiological functions, both in the central and peripheral nervous systems and in peripheral organs. More importantly, modulating the activity of the endocannabinoid system turned out to hold therapeutic promise in a wide range of disparate diseases and pathological conditions, ranging from

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“Ignorance is reigning supreme”: Rula Jebreal on Charlie Hebdo, Bill Maher & our inane foreign policy – Salon.com

m4s0n501 Foreign policy analyst tells Salon why only cooperating with Muslim communities will thwart extremism and hate ELIAS ISQUITH  Follow There’s a model that succeeded in decimating al Qaeda — and that’s the Petraeus model. What did Petraeus do in Iraq? He separated the extremists from regular Muslims, he separated al Qaeda from the Sunni tribes, and he won. He won

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The Marijuana Show’s Next Finalist: A Stoner Comic Book Author | Inc.com

Artist and standup comic Jeffrey Peterson advanced to the next round in the online reality series on the strength of his comic “Super Stoners.” BY WILL YAKOWICZ Staff Writer, Inc. @WillYakowicz via The Marijuana Show’s Next Finalist: A Stoner Comic Book Author | Inc.com. A few of the entrepreneurs featured on the seventh episode of “The Marijuana Show” needed a little more time to fully bake

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