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Alleged Head of Illegal SD Marijuana Hash Oil Operation Faces Felony Charges

Among other things, defendants are accused of conspiracy to use flammable, volatile and/or toxic chemicals to extract THC from marijuana.

By Southern California Patch (Patch Staff) – May 25, 2017 12:00 pm ET

The complaint alleges that during a city inspection in April 2015, attorney Jessica McElfresh, 35, acting as counsel for Med-West, concealed the chemical extraction of concentrated cannabis conducted on site. She allegedly told a city investigator that Med-West did not operate on site and led inspectors to believe the business was merely a packaging and paper company.

Source: Alleged Head of Illegal SD Marijuana Hash Oil Operation Faces Felony Charges

HFN Editors note: What’s it’s all about, this raid/failed-money-grab/lawyer-client-prosecution, hard on the border with Mexico Ablaze? The selection of Med-West for punishment by the local DA is highly suspect, when you look at her history of selective prosecution in the face of overwhelming evidence this is a “random” act of hate, in clear violation of the 14th amendment. Unequal application of law pure and simple. Dismiss this case and kept my people go!

1 why them? The town is full of similar companies, as Statics. Manufacture of cannabis products is a daily occurrence here in New Berlin (aka San Diego). Hundreds of delivery services and store fronts are full of cannabis products made by the Med-West types of firms.

2 why San Diego. Politics. Dirty cops, judges, lawyers, and politicians, it’s starts with crooked lawyer-liars though. And of course federal collusion with said crooks and politicians handing out “anti gang money” and the like. Refer to Operation Green RX circa 2009.

3 who is Jeff Lake again? How does he operate in the very same vein as Jessica? He trained her; she worked under him, in his office, as a brand new baby lawyer til setting up her own shop.

Charges Filed Against Medical Marijuana Business Owner

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Betsy DeVos Compares School Choice Critics To ‘Flat-Earthers’

The education secretary accuses critics of hindering innovation, then calls Trump’s budget, which would cut education 13 percent, a “historic investment” in students.
By Kate Abbey-Lambertz

Opponents of school choice policies are akin to “flat-earthers” who are fighting innovation in education, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos said Monday night.

DeVos gave a speech praising President Donald Trump’s plans for the “most ambitious expansion of education choice in our nation’s history ― a day before his administration released a budget proposal that would slash Education Department funding by more than $9 billion.

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HFN Editors note:

Flat Worlders calling everyone besides themselves (Fundamentalist Right Wing “Christian”) a Flat Earther ! Like the kettle calling the pot black…

Betsy Devos is the sister of Erik Prince; her family paid the RNC 200 million dollars to get her job, she’s entirely unreliable, unqualified to lead public or any other kind of education. The flat worlders want to take $ from the actual education system and pour it into State Sponsored Religious schools in the name of their fake god.


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Support Our Troops: Let Them Heal With Cannabis

Courtney McKinney, Contributor
Writer and PR pro with a background in film, non-profits, and public policy

05/22/2017 12:12 pm ET

When Ricardo Pereyda returned home from Iraq, he knew he was having a hard time adjusting to life at home, but he didn’t know exactly why. He was angry, he was violent, and he could not connect with his family. “I was drinking too much, I was getting in bar fights for no reason, picking fights, driving like a maniac on the highway, driving people off the road, I was in need of help.” Eventually, Pereyda learned that he was suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD.

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HFN editors note: US Vets have a fundamental right to use natural medicines. Cannabis is the premier plant in this regard, on gods green earth. Om? Om!

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