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Jeff Sessions Could Reverse Years Of Progress On Marijuana Policy

Matt Ferner
National Reporter, The Huffington Post
Drug reform advocates have a few concerns about President-elect Donald Trump’s attorney general nomination.
11/18/2016 07:04 pm ET

In 1986, when Sessions had been nominated to be a federal judge, a former assistant U.S. attorney accused him of saying that he thought the Ku Klux Klan was acceptable until he found out members smoked marijuana. Sessions allegedly made the statement in connection with the prosecution of a Klan member who had hanged a black man.

“Jeff Sessions should scare every regulator, government official, cannabis industry operator, patient and consumer across the country,” said John Hudak, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution who writes extensively on marijuana policy.

An Attorney General Sessions could reverse the federal guidance allowing state marijuana programs “with the stroke of a pen,” Hudak said.

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Demand Justice: Feds & City Collude To Deny States Rights

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Cops Raid Legal Cannabis Companies Despite Upcoming Recreational Vote


The narcotics task force seized $1.4 million in cash, product, and money from various bank accounts belonging to owner James Slatic ($325,570 in cash was found in the safe). Med-West had been providing hundreds of licensed dispensaries around California with medical CO2-extracted cannabis oil and products under the state’s medical marijuana laws since 2010. The company was licensed by the city of San Diego and operating openly. Slatic says his company was raided a second time in late June and is now officially closed.

San Diego law enforcement used federal asset forfeiture laws to freeze and seize the company’s cash and the money in Slatic’s personal bank account, the bank account of his wife (who is a federal employee at Veterans Affairs), and his kids’ college savings accounts. The San Diego Sheriff’s Office and San Diego County District Attorney’s Office declined to explain why they seized Med-West’s and the Slatic family’s money, but neither has charged Slatic with a crime.


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Deputies: California teens 18th birthday party features Playboy mansion theme, alcohol – ABC15 Arizona

By Allison Ash

They arrested Olivias father, Jeff Lake, and charged him with violating Poways social host ordinance. That ordinance makes it illegal to host a party where underage individuals consume alcohol. It comes with a possible 6-month jail sentence.

Deputies say they found two unconscious, intoxicated teenage boys in the house and evidence many of the teens were drinking alcohol.

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HFN editor’s note: Finally, a tiny bit of Justice For Jeff Lake! You see, he’s an “agent” (consider that term for a minute, as he is “aligned” with Craig Beresh, another agent in the DMZ).

Jeff Lake is the registered agent for the only ILLEGAL WEED SHOP STILL WIDE OPEN AT 1150 GARNET, (the shop he opened in ’09 under another name), while regular herb folks, responsible adult herb lovers, routinely go to jail for the same thing, in “San Diego”, the county now known as New Berlin.

Jeff represents John Nobel of Green-Earth-cum-Planet-Greens infamy (John pays fines, but does NOT DO TIME). I know a young man (now 24 years old) who used to provide “medical herb” to Jeff when he ran the weed shop at 1150 Garnet, in ’09, but quit doing so when Jeff wanted the herb “fronted” to him, (given on credit). The kid did not trust Lake. Smart kid.

Back in ’09, I was told Jeff opened the herb shop himself, then sold it to others who changed the signage and kept slingin’ at the same address. All these years!

This is a crime of moral turpitude, will he be disbarred? Will there be an actual investigation and prosecution for the dab party he put on and oversaw for his child and her underage friends? Jeff is very connected, we doubt he will be slowed down a bit.

How many years, or even months will Jeff get in jail? We bet none, like his buddy-client-marijuana-lawyer Warner who recently got off with a slap on the hand and got to keep huge piles of benjamins he made from laundering “weed” money.

Will he be charged for supplying dabs to the kids at the party? Will he be charged for the passed out drunk kids?

Will he be charged for openly running the out of control party house full of underage kids? Let’s see just what this mofo gets away with this time.

Pay attention grasshoppers, its because of lawyer liars like Jeff Lake prices are so high for medical cannabis, and why it can only be bought from him and his clients, in sketchy places where they routinely make dangerous extracts in the “back room” or at their homes with children present.

Other lawyers, like those who pose as “marijuana activists”, at NORML just giggle to themselves and keep making bank and free herb from our collective misery. Down with lawyer liars everywhere!

This ain’t freedom and it ain’t cool.