Medicinal Cannabis

The top “Legal” Herb Spots in California as of Spring , 2017

LA Apothecary420

San Diego Mankind Cooperative

San Jose Purple Lotus Patient Center

The Purple Lotus has daily deals unlike any in the state we are aware of. They actually care about the client, us, real herb folks.  And that’s sayin a lot. Om? Om!

Santa Ana: May 5, 2017
1 10 Spot Collective
2 $15 Strain Station
3 $15 The JOINT – Santa Ana – 92705
All 3 rock Orange County hard,
Don’t go anywhere else if you
Are in the ‘hood!

givin’ thanks

Who else should be on this list grasshopper? Tell us please, this ain’t about commerce, it’s Church!

We believe you can’t separate the spiritual from the medicinal, qualities of the magic plant cannabis. As such, we invoke our (U.S.) First Amendment right to smoke, vape, eat, wear, or do anything else we choose with, our most holy herb!

What about public safety? Yeah, what about it? We have the right to feel good; we declare our liberty as a matter of fact. Cannabis is our sacrament, medicine, food, fuel and more.

It’s Given to us by our creator, the Life Force Her Bad Self, so its ours.