What is true religion, he asked? To visit the sick and the fatherless

So its December, 2008, the month before Mr. Geary ascended (see obit below, and this one from the cemetery). Its about seven am, and I am in bed at the funky ass hotel next to the Poseidon, in Del Mar. It was a rare treat to be there, right next to the water, with my lovely girlfriend, relaxed, smoked out in point of fact. Dreamy. Then the call came from Brian, I think it was, anyway it was one of his sons asking if I could come right away, his dad was sick and needed herb, they were desperate. I did. It was one of the most scary yet satisfying days of my life. There were very few places to get medicinal herb in those days, but I listed my phone number on CANORMLs web site under DELIVERY SERVICES, with the statement “homebound patients only”. Two months later I was arrested illegally by the NCIS/ATF San Diego “task force” for delivering herb to sick and dying patients. But thats another story…

Since I was out of edibles, and he needed some, I rolled up a gram ball of fullmelt hash and said to the son, “put this in a piece of candy and have him eat it”. Then I filled a pipe for his dad and lit it for him. I never saw him again. I left herb hash and a pipe for him, amazed.

GEARY, Edward D. “Dennis”

Of Carlsbad, California, formerly of Chelsea, January 22nd surrounded by his loving family. He was born in Chelsea, Massachusetts, on April 1, 1929, the son of Edward and Lillian (Kiernan) Geary. A World War II Veteran, Geary served his country in the United States Army. During the 1940’s he not only held amateur heavyweight boxing titles in Massachusetts, but his fierce competitive nature also provided him with enjoyment from several unsanctioned bouts. As a Southern Californian, Mr. Geary was a very successful businessman and entrepreneur in the metal forming industry. A self-made man, in the true sense of the word, family and friends learned that he loved to give advice, even when not asked for. He will be sorely missed and long-remembered by many nieces, nephews, cousins and others as a larger-than-life role model who greatly influenced them in a positive way. He was generous, direct and always available to help others in their times of need. Dennis was preceded in death by his wife, Patricia Ann Geary, whom he loved dearly; a loss from which he never fully recovered. Mr. Geary is survived by his children: Brian Geary of Del Mar, CA, Debi Geary of Trabuco Canyon, CA, Michael Geary of Kona, Hawaii, Lynn Gruwell Chambers of Gosport, Indiana, Greg Gruwell of Honolulu, Hawaii, and Jon Gruwell of Kona, Hawaii. Also his grandchildren: Mitchell, Bree, Shea, and Paige Geary of Del Mar, CA, and Karli Chambers of Gosport, Indiana. He is also survived by sisters Constance Madigan of Revere, MA, Jessie Geary of Saugus, MA, sister and brother-in-law, Evelyn and Dennis Sullivan of Stoneham, MA; brothers and sister-in-laws John and Marie Geary of Chelmsford MA; Walter and Martha Geary of Rowley, MA. Dennis was the brother of the late Elizabeth Geary, Marie Lynch, and Robert Geary. – See more at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/bostonglobe/obituary.aspx?pid=123445113#sthash.pGwaqzBe.dpuf