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Religion & dangerous ideas

Hfn: the many faces of Her Grace, our god the Life Force, who animates every living thing in the universe.

We come from all walks of life, the Herb Folks Nation. If you believe in a higher being, (some sort of god), or not, you are welcome in our midst. We are here to love one another, and have fellowship with each other. There is no one top dude on our totem pole, each of us communes with the Life Force according to our personal traditions, or not.

The only requirement we have to be associated with us, this time around the wheel, is that you must embrace Ahimsa, wholeheartedly. Like Gandhi. Like HayZeus.

Like the Buddha; like Paul.

  • 170px-Yogananda_Center_-_Gandhi_Shrine

As granted to us by gOd and the U.S. First Amendmentthe Herb Folks Nation is rising!

  • What is true religion? to visit the sick and the fatherless!
  • We adore the magic plant and all Her(b) Folks. That’s why we are here, to love one another. Killing is bullshit, the devil’s con-game, no matter in whose name its done.

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