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Brother John

File:Annie Leibovitz Lennon Ono December 1980.jpg Taken the day of his ascension.

Brother John laid his body and soul bare. He was an artist, who lived out the last days of his incarnation brooding, gettin high, writing tunes, and baking bread. Yeah bread.

In one of his tunes he said something like “I’m just a human, a victim of the Insane”.

Another riff went like this “I’m just sitting here doin time”… now remember the brother had a huge pile of paper. He just did not give a fuck about money, nor did he derive happiness or sustenance from the Benjamins. For those gentle readers who don’t know, I’m talkin about money here  (Ben Franklin adorns the US hundred dollar bill).

What did he really care about? Peace Love & Understanding. Honestly, wtf else is there?

Fuck War, all War! Let it fucking be.

Om? Om!

– grandpa Dale in the hood